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Federal Agent SWAT Operators (FASO) Course Curriculum

The CFT TOS course is 15% classroom and 85% range work. The following topics will be discussed in the classroom and practiced on the range through dry and live fire drills. Within a four day period we will conduct a rifle zero confirmation exercise where then, the course assumes a baseline of competence with both pistol and rifle, which we will confirm though initial diagnostic testing. Once a common level of skill is confirmed, and any shortfalls addressed through individual remedial instruction, we will begin a progressive enhancement of each officer’s skills through multiple dry and live fire drills. Students will engage targets at various distances and in numerous firing positions and circumstances. Both environmental and equipment functionality will be challenging and designed to quickly progress to a level of “subconscious” employment of each system and technique, allowing maximum cognitive evaluation of the officer’s environment and threat-awareness. Each concept, technique and/or subtask will be briefed, demonstrated, and then the student will begin with “walk-thru, talk-thru” and finally live fire demonstration of skill set. Days one and two involve a progression of individual skills assessment and acquisition, beginning with mindset considerations, weapons handling techniques including malfunctions, injured officer weapons manipulation, threat discrimination, and stress-based contingencies. Days three and four involve scenario based officer survival techniques, including movement and cover techniques and tactics, 2-man movement techniques, consolidation and follow-on operations, all encompassed within scenario-driven live fire drills. Every training objective is explained in detail and demonstrated by the instructors of CFT.

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