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Tactical Carbine

The CFT Tactical Carbine course is 30% classroom and 70% range work. The following topics will be discussed in the classroom and practiced on the range through dry and live fire drills. Within a three day period we will discuss the history, characteristics, and familiarization of the tactical carbine. Next, we will cover the three operator inspections, care cleaning, and preventive maintenance. We will also cover the fundamentals of marksmanship, firing positions, and 50/200 meter zero. Students will engage targets at multiple distances and positions. They will conduct failure to feed, failure to fire, combat and tactical reload drills. Student will become proficient in controlled pair, hammer pair firing and failure drills. Students will conduct live fire pivots, turns and closing drills. All dry fire and live fire exercises will be done from strong side and support side firing positions, where then they will be introduced to combination positions. We will then close out the second day of training with a live fire skills assessment and classes on the range covering unconventional shooting positions and incapacitation drills. On training day three, we will start out in the classroom where we will discuss cover, concealment and the use of cover. We will then wrap up that morning with a ballistics case study on unarmored vehicles. At this point we will conduct dry and live fire exercises with the use of cover and then the use of vehicles. We will shoot from multiple firing positions around the vehicle, and then engage targets from positions inside the vehicle. Everything covered and conducted will be explained in detail and demonstrated by the instructors of CFT.

To host or enroll

If interested in attending or hosting this course, Please contact CFT at contact@combinedfirearmstraining.com or www.facebook.com/CombinedFirearmsTraining.

Required Gear & Equipment

  • Patrol Rifle chambered for 5.56 mm or 223 Remington Four magazines each capable of 20 rounds per.
  • Duty Handgun with 2 magazines.
  • Organization approved holster.
  • 600 rounds of 5.56mm or Remington 223 Ball ammunition minimum, 800 rounds recommended.
  • 100 rounds of Handgun full metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition minimum, 200 rounds recommended.
  • Magazine pouches or carriers for each weapon system.
  • One rifle sling.
  • Weapons cleaning gear for both weapons systems.
  • One pair of wrap around shooting glasses.
  • Ear/Hearing protection.
  • Level 4 body armor. If you do not have level 4, bring what you have.
  • One large sharpie marker and small note book and pen.

Recommended optional equipment

  • Dump pouch attached to duty belt.
  • A sand bag or back pack to be used as a support for zeroing exercise.


Half of our live fire training will be conducted with the use of Steel Targets so we cannot allow the use of any M855 BALL GREEN TIP AMMUNITION ON THE RANGE!!!!!