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Combined Firearms Training (CFT) is a Disabled American Veteran owned company. All members of the instructor team served within specialized military units and have decades of experience training and operating with numerous commercial and government agencies. We provide affordable, realistic skills enhancement for the individual operator, up to full-scale departmental sustainment and skills development courses, and we can tailor all our courses to meet your requirements.

All our instructor cadre members have at least 30 years of duty related firearms experience, and all have multiple combat tours from the mid 80’s to present day. They all hold instructor ratings from the Department of Defense. NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Certified in ALL disciplines, to include Certified Firearms Instructors through the United States Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army and numerous government organizations. Collectively our instructor cadre brings a well rounded and very diverse set of skills set within such a small group. Our skill sets with operational and training experience is as follows.
  • Weapons proficiency in virtually all categories of select-fire weapons, including individual, crew-served, anti-armor devices (man-portable and fixed), in calibers from 4.6mm to 84mm.
  • Tactics proficiency in all aspects of weapon and operator employment, from contact distances to designated marksman/sniper ranges, including over-the-horizon systems.
  • Tactical training and instruction of offensive and defensive techniques, including personal defense, contact distance threat elimination, close-quarters battle (single operator to squad-size elements and larger), point and area security.
  • Operational planning considerations for any size element
  • Mobile tactics, planning and execution, including vehicular, waterborne, and rotary-wing insertion and extraction, and enroute security inherent to each platform.
  • Interdiction of mobile platforms, including vehicular, waterborne, and airborne.
  • All aspects of personal security operations, including planning, preparation and execution.
  • Multiple vehicular and airborne operations, including convoy security
  • Physical site security
  • Electronic monitoring and exploitation (radio and video-based)
  • Surveillance, including human (individual and team) and electronic (passive and active)
  • Counter Surveillance (individual and team)
  • Confidential Informants (targeting,recruiting,developing and operational employment)
  • Operational Security, including planning, execution, and communications
  • Breaching operations, including kinetic and mechanical techniques
  • Mindset and physical training for tactical operators
  • Sustainment training for any of the above skills
We design training as a team and deploy mobile training teams to conduct your training package. For any further question about our training capabilities or to discuss or meet for any possible training packages please feel free to contact our training director Mark Collins directly at 757-254-3230 or email contact@combinedfirearmstraining.com.